Melissa Housser

Melissa Housser - Actor

Melissa has been a dedicated part time contributor
She first joined Times Past about four years ago as part of the villager cast for the BC Renaissance Festival. Her experiences at the festival rekindled her love of singing and acting, and only served to strengthen her resolution to become more involved. When she returned for my second year, her element grew to include playing guitar, scripted lines, and more improv acting than she ever thought possible.  She has been able to work at so many unforgettable events like Emerald City Comic Con, Fan expo, and The Spokane Renaissance Festival. The freedom to create and develop characters in her own way has provided an artistic outlet for her that was otherwise nonexistent in her life.
Having the opportunity to work with children is one of the most rewarding things for her, and giving her the chance to volunteer with both Children’s Wish, and Variety children’s charities.
Singing has always brought her joy, but she hadn’t performed publicly for nearly a decade before  joining in. Now, she has had the chance to play guitar and sing before an audience on a regular basis.
To get to act in a murder mystery has always appealed to her, and the steampunk mysteries have proven to be super innovative. Along with a diverse array of talented people to work with, the improvisational aspect allows for an interactive approach that she has never experienced elsewhere. She sees new things appearing on the horizon.  With the opportunity to create new characters and craft new costumes in her immediate future, she is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Photo: Donald McKillican