Martin Hunger

Martin Hunger - Owner, Creative Fabricator, Actor

Martin is an establishing player and a long time contributor. 
Creating and exploring through make-believe since childhood has led Martin into a career now spanning 3 decades in the Entertainment Industry. From building replica props in his parent’s basement, to recreating iconic Sci-fi sets with Christina Carr and a team of fellow creative types, to building props and costume elements for some of the most successful TV shows and films of the last 2 decades, Martin has always pushed to perfect the art of creating. Always a fan, Martin has been part of many events across the country, presenting on stage, in Q&A sessions, panels, trade shows, community theatre and more. Founding Times Past Entertainment in 2013 with Christina, he continues to explore creativity through his characters, props, and costumes. As a licensed firearms handler, Martin has a strict model of safety, and he strives to maintain the best public image with his team. You can see more about Martin at

Photo: Christina Carr