Christina Carr

Christina Carr - Co-Owner, Actor, Special Skills

Christina is an establishing player and a long time contributor. 
All the way back in 1977 her father began teaching her basics on being a reporter. Her acquired tape recorder and old mic came in handy as she tortured her siblings and feline pets with fake interviews. Between volunteering for community school plays and Kid Metro, Kid reporter for the Mr. Toronto show, she began creating her own props, costumes and photos with her 110 camera. Her past is filled with everything from reporting for ghosts documentaries to make up and costuming for many. Her acting credits include working for Paramount, YTV, CBC, Warner, Rogers, and many more. She has been building props along side Martin Hunger since 1987 and swinging a sword at Ed Appleby since 2006. Her first weapon was a Klingon Bat'leth (not kidding) and is known for her strict weapons handling rules. There's much more to tell but you'll have to drop by her page and check her out.

Photo:  Martin Hunger