Bob French

Bob French - Actor, Puppeteer

Bob has been a long time contributor
Bob has worked well with children and loves to see them laugh and play. One of his favourite things is to read to them and improv stories to character. By being friendly and open he hopes to pass those qualities onto the people he meets.  His biggest challenge is when there is  something a child will not understand, so he will take the time to make sure no child is left out of the story. 
Bob's acting history is more seeded in his customer service experiences and his school acting classes.  A natural at being presentable, his characters always have an air of delight and play.  Even when he is the bad guy, you get a sense of joy with him.  His natural small town grace shines through and his innocent demure easily translates as the clever villain or the or the polite townfolk.  
He is the one on the team that can be trusted with the remote control for any of the mechanical characters or with any of the soft puppets that sometimes join us on an adventure.