Wild West

In the wild days of the old frontier, the city folk enjoyed shows of skill and tales of a life they’d never dare live.  Our Wild West characters can add that thrill to any event.  Greeting, mingling, or performing a stage show of “sharp shooting” skills, we can inspire the imaginations of young and old.  Still one of the most popular themes for a party, event or gathering Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill surely bring excitement to any function.  For a more rounded experience add our classic ‘bad guy’, Lafiette and/or hire a horse or two for photos and/or rides.  Or request a murder mystery with our Western town Sheriff at the head of the investigation.  NO matter what you chose, our characters are geared to focus on creating material for the youngest to the oldest of our clients.  Make sure, when you pick the theme, you tell us which character appeals the most to you and your function.  We will update the photos as often as we can so make sure you check back in.

This theme can be used for:
Corporate Events
Photoshoots, Promos and Modelling 
All Ages Events, Festivals and Fairs
Scripted Stage and Challenges

Photoshoot video ( August 24, 2016) found at:
To see new videos visit our youtube and our Facebook Video page.

Please inquire for up to date information.  Actors who portray these characters sometimes changes or costumes die out.  We attempt to change pictures as often as possible but some do get missed.  Please confirm your selection before finalising agreement for your function.