Strange things are afoot when the Times Past Entertainment Steam Team arrives.  Whether it’s greeting your guests at your function, mingling with your diners during a fundraiser, or engaging the audience in one of our suspenseful murder mysteries, we can provide entertainment with a Victorian charm and an air of the unexplained.  Our mechanical canine MUT engages guests of all ages with his whimsical personality, and thrills children just like a real dog.  Steampunk may be a fairly unique theme  for a party, event or gathering but definitely attracts attention and creates an air of mystery and delight.  Our characters are geared to focus on creating material for the youngest to the oldest of our clients.  Make sure, when you pick the theme, you tell us which character appeals the most to you and your function.  We will update the photos as often as we can so make sure you check back in.

This theme can be used for:
Corporate Events
Photoshoots, Promos and Modelling 
All Ages Events, Festivals and Fairs
Scripted Stage and Challenges

Last video promo edit:  March 2015

To see new videos visit our youtube and our Facebook Video page.

Please inquire for up to date information.  Actors who portray these characters sometimes changes or costumes die out.  We attempt to change pictures as often as possible but some do get missed.  Please confirm your selection before finalising agreement for your function.