Working on new characters and a dragon

Times Past Entertainment is working on a new interactive show for corporate events and functions.  Based on the Game Of Thrones characters, these activities and challenges will spice up any party or corporate event.  BUT…  One of the characters needs a dragon.
Watch Christina and Martin’s Periscope broadcasts for the progress of building this dragon OR simply wait for this lovely creature to come to life!

Celebrating Queen Maeve’s Birthday

Location: The Historical Lochdale Community Hall

490 Sperling Ave, Burnaby BC

Date: Saturday May 13, 2017

Time: 12:30-3:30pm

Is your child’s birthday between May 6 to May 20 (2017) and you have always wanted to do a theme party, but haven’t had the budget?

Do you and your child wind up with so many gifts you don’t know what to do with them or wind up with a dozen of the same thing you only have to bring back to the store the next day?
Are you tired of cleaning up after the party and wish that someone else would do so for you?
Are you hoping someone will come along to make a birthday happen with out breaking the budget?

We at Times Past Entertainment have a solution. We throw a party for one of our characters and any child whose birthday is within the alloted time around the character’s birthday, gets to celebrate along side them too. This way the costs of the party are spread out through the guests buying tickets and your child gets a birthday they will never forget.  Allowing multiple Birthday children in one party also encourages your child to interact and be social. Maybe make a few friends along the way.
Spreading the costs out through your guests by having them buy tickets, makes your expenses smaller AND you are able to have a bigger party.
There will be a minimum of 4 characters (male and female so no one is left out) in attendance giving your little ones more options for photos and quality time. 

Every child gets:
Mini glutenfree mini cupcake.  Birthday child gets one full size glutenfree cupcake when the queen welcomes them up to blow out a candle and be sung to.  (Cupcakes at Metrotown have been great with glutenfree cupcakes in past)
Juice box and Fruit cup.  (NO nuts, or cheese will be handed out.  Please respect allergies and not bring these foods in.  We recommend you have a small lunch before arriving.)
One 2×3” instamatic photo memory.
A choice of craft (see sales page)
Take part in activities.
A colouring page from Thea Maia’s Fairy Tales Coloring Book

We are presently looking in to possible additions.

Minimum number of tickets: 40
Maximum number of tickets: 60
(If we do not reach our minimum number of tickets by one week before we will contact those who have purchased and cancel the event)

Dress up:  You and/or your child does not have to dress up but if you would love to get into the spirit of the day, fairies, trolls, wizards, dragons, unicorns and magical creatures are all to theme.  Even our furfolk are welcome but remember… This is a child focussed day so not big masks that may make some uncomfortable and please leave your furbabies at home.

There must be at least one adult or guardian for every four (4) children.
Birthday kids must have their birthday on or between May 6th to 20th.  (Proof of birthday may be requested)
A maximum of 10 birthday children will be honoured.  The sooner you purchase tickets the better.  Your guests do not have to purchase tickets at the same time.
For prices and tickets please visit our store:

If you would like to avoid using the store, please feel free to call 778-926-3378 or visit the contact page for email: to arrange an e-transfer or in person payment.

Chilliwack Symphony and Opera Society

We can perform for everything from the smallest Birthday party (10 guests) to the large Corporate Parties (3000 guests) and not skip a beat. BUT they are not public gigs. We promise to constantly update you on any public events we will be taking part in. RIGHT HERE on the frontpage!!!

Coming up REALLY SOON is ‘The Notable Feast’ fundraiser for the Chilliwack Symphony and Opera Society and if you haven;t bought your tickets yet we recommend you do so.

Just follow the links on their page and come on out!